Should I purchase Bottled Water or Filtered Drinking Water Systems?

With the advances in water treatment technology, it is becoming less clear as to whether bottled water or filtered water in your home or business is the appropriate solution. The purpose of this writing is to provide information for home owners and purchasing managers to evaluate as these decisions are considered.

Culligan, a full service bottled water and water system vendor, provides bottled water which is produced in a highly controlled and certified bottled water plant operation, as well as filtration and water treatment technology installed on-site to improve the drinking water provided at a home, business or government facility.

For purpose of this writing, Culligan’s filtered drinking water systems which are compared to bottled water delivery and coolers, will be referred to as “Bottle-Free®”, its registered trademark.  Filtered water systems are also referred to as “point of use coolers” or “point of use drinking water treatment systems” in the industry.

Bottled Water Delivery – the longest tradition for great tasting water

Based on decades of experience of delivering bottles of water to homes, offices, manufacturing facilities, health clubs, and numerous other locations, Culligan continues to serve needs of thousands of clients who prefer bottled water for use with water coolers and various types of dispensers.  Coolers are usually rented on a month to month basis, and water is delivered on a fixed schedule basis every 4-8 weeks. Bottled water coolers and dispensers can be placed most anywhere, and there is no dependence on electricity or a water supply. If electricity is available, a cooler can be provided that provides hot or cold drinking water.  If no electricity is available, room temperature water is provided.

Through experience, Culligan as observed that bottled water delivery is an excellent choice for many, many locations.  The ideal situation is when a home or business consumes approximately 25-40 gallons (5-8 5-gallon jugs) of drinking water on a monthly basis at a single location, lacks access to a satisfactory water supply, and wishes to provide refreshing drinking water to clients, employees, family members or guests.

Some clients, over time, have requested a Culligan solution to address the following concerns:

– Storage space needed for the full and empty bottles

–  Strength needed to lift the full 5-gallon or 3-gallons bottles of water and placing them on a cooler

For these situations, Culligan clients have considered, and in many cases, decided to deploy the Bottle-Free solution, to service all or part of their high quality drinking water needs.

Culligan recommends the Bottle-Free® solutions when an acceptable connection can be made to a water supply at an office or home, and when a consumer is interested in comparing the Bottle-Free solution to bottled water delivery or other filtered water solutions such as a reverse osmosis system.  A Culligan Bottle-Free solution consists of the water treatment technology, similar to that used in a certified bottled water operation, to filter and improve the water supply at a consumers location.  In some cases, it may not be feasible to connect the technology to a water supply, so bottled water delivery may be the most attractive solution.

When a water supply can be “tapped” successfully, Culligan will recommend the appropriate filters and dispensing solutions that meet the needs for a particular home, office, or facility location.

The Bottle-Free solutions, are typically provided under a monthly rental arrangement by Culligan.  This arrangement provides the end user the use of Culligan configured systems, and the regular maintenance of filters and treatment modules is also included in the monthly rate.  Advanced technology to daily sanitize the water and water storage tanks is included as part of the rental and service program, and the same technology is also used to manage  the water cooling or heating cycles to conserve energy.  Specialty technology is also included to detect and shut down the water supply if any leaks occur in the water supplied.

Culligan Reverse Osmosis Technology Solutions

In some instances, such as in a home kitchen or a lunch room, a Culligan customer will have access to an acceptable water supply, as well as a location to install technology referred to as a reverse osmosis system, which Culligan has branded as its Aqua-Cleer® system.  This system consists of filters and a reverse osmosis module that delivers gallons of delicious water at the kitchen tap, throughout the whole facility or home, at the cold water tap on the refrigerator, or even at the ice cube maker.  In this case, a “Bottle-Free” dispenser will not be used, but replaced by the dispensing at the kitchen sink, other sinks, or at the refrigerator.  These Culligan solutions start at $26.95 per month on a rental plan, fully service by professional Culligan service personnel.

 Culligan will assist

Culligan’s representatives are trained and certified in the various challenges and technologies related to bottled water delivery as well as the Bottle-Free solutions. Additionally, Culligan provides industry leading services to insure a successfully installation plan is followed and post-installation services are configured correctly for each installation.  Culligan’s goal is to provide each client with the appropriate solution or solutions for their drinking water needs.

If you would like to further discuss your drinking water situation and the Culligan options for improved drinking water, contact us today by telephone or complete a contact form on this website.

 We are ready to go to work for you, and hope we can earn the right to be your water system vendor.